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IntrChart: Charting the Internet


Please Note:
1. IntrChart is no longer supported for free. Please email for details
2. Due to changes in the Windows server environments, IntrChart cannot be guaranteed to work in versions after Windows 2000.

The Compsys IntrChart component can, quickly and easily, produce Charts and Graphs over the Internet. Illustrated here are some of the wide range of features available.

From a simple Active Server Page (ASP) or SQL Server Stored Procedure (SP) you can produce single and multi-series Bar, Pie, Dot, Line, Trend, Projection, Sliding, Stacked and Area charts in a JPEG format in Memory or File output modes.

IntrChart can be run from a single page with default properties, or be easily linked to a database to provide hundreds (or even thousands) of plotted points in multiple-series, in a complex format.

A whole suite of free examples demonstrating many charts and vartiations are available.

Of high priority has been the desire to ensure that the final cost is affordable to the average Web Developer whilst offering the required functionality for high-end users.

We are often asked about our customer base. We have policy not to disclose this information, however we can say that IntrChart has been purchased by hundreds of companies including Blue Chip organisations, Government agencies, Universities, Hospitals, ISPs, ASPs etc. in more than 30 countries around the world.

New Chart Background feature in Release 4.6


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Please note: The evaluation copy is free, however it may not be used for any purpose other than evaluating IntrChart.
It may NOT be used for Development or Implementation purposes.
Download IntrChart Database/Financial Examples
Charts from SQL Server using T-SQL or a Stored Procedure


  • Single Server Licence US$99.00 (Australian Customers A$199.00 - inc.GST)
  • Site Licence - unlimited Servers for a single Company US$199.00 (Australian Customers A$399.00 - inc.GST)
  • ISP/ASP Licence - unlimited Servers for a single ISP US$299.00 (Australian Customers A$599.00 - inc.GST)
  • Distribution Licence - 1-10 US$399, 11-50 US$1000, 51-100 US$1500, 101-200 US$2000, 201-500 US$3000, 501+ US$4000
  • Upgrade from versions 1.0-3.9 US$19.00 (Australian Customers A$40.00 - inc.GST)
  • Upgrade from versions 4.0+ Free

All Licences have no limit on the number of Users.


The following charts were produced with IntrChart using the supplied examples. 

We have received a number of questions relating to the production of graphs using data from a database. 
The simple answer is Yes, almost without exception all values and parameters used by IntrChart can be automatically set from a database. A working example can be downloaded from

New Background Images and Single Series totals

NB: Due to a security change in Windows, this function does not work correctly on Windows 2000 SP4 or above.

A number of options exist including No Data images. The example below is using the "Inner" option which loads an image inside the Chart and leaves the Legend with a background color the same as the page background. The resulting image gives a high-quality professional impact. 

Also shown is the Legend average/total property that has now been added for Single Series Charts to compliment the existing multi-series total/average properties.

Area Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

 Financial Charts

Hotspot Example

Trend Example

Single Series Examples

Multi-Series Examples